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Back in 1927, the entrepreneur Nikola Panayotov founded a flour production company utilizing a small-capacity mill. The company grew quickly and in 1939, Nikola Panayotov built a brand-new flour mill with a capacity of 130 tons per day. The mill is situated in Assenovgrad, Bulgaria on the banks of Assenitsa river.

The availability of an exceptionally modern facility at the time blended with an experienced team of managers quickly turned the mill into one of the leading flour manufacturers in the Plovdiv region.


Today the mill is managed by the heirs of Nikola Panayotov in the spirit of the old traditions but with the use of up-to-date computerized systems. The manufacturing process complies with the ISO 9001-2000 and HACCP quality-compliance standards. The fact that we have been a long-standing flour supplier to the factories of the leading global food company Nestle serves as a reference for the quality of our production.


We have silos with a capacity of 6,500 tons. We are currently adding new milling equipment, which will increase the total daily output to 120 tons.

We have own fleet of specialized vehicles, that speed up the delivery of our production to the storages of our customers.




We accept wheat only after an in-depth laboratory analysis guaranteeing its quality!


In 2005 we built two new silos with total capacity of 6,300 tons. We offer grain storage cells on a rental basis to interested third parties.




Our well-equipped laboratory together with the qualified team of lab experts guarantee that the wheat input and the flour output meet the highest standards. The selection of only high-quality wheat allow us to expand the range of offered products. Except from traditional bread flour, we also produce specific flours for different types of pastry and bakery products and for different types of customers.

Since 2002, all types of flour have been tested by CHOPIN laboratory instruments.


Thanks to the alveogram graphics created by the CHOPIN instruments, we are able to define the quality characteristics of the different types of flour.



The examples below show typical alveograms of major types of flour.




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